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Special Features: Various Wings and Levels coil and tuck over, under and around each other in one Zen-Like Flow; Kitchen with Bar style Countertop slants off the Glass-Ceilinged Living-Room, cozy Alcove serves as Dining Area, Media-Room, Stairs with an edge of an Overhang, Bathing and Dressing area with Black Granite Counters and a Step-Up Soapstone Platform with Jaccuzzi and Shower/Steam room. 1 Bedroom with Cinematic Picture Window overlooking several Acres of Canyon Greenery, Walk-In Closet, Small Deck with a Triangle Shaped Pond, Landscaped Hillside reminding of a grown-up playground with Hidden Bench, View Platforms, Huge Outdoor Jaccuzzi, Climbing Robes, Hammock and Firepit at the top with city views.

"Skylights, landscaping, and a hilltop fire pit make this '70's revamp seem far from its Hollywood Foundation" Los Angeles Magazine