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Brush Buddy invented by David Fortson

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online now on Kevin Spacey's Trigger Street

Two girls try to set their parents up for a date.

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Fergalicious lipsynch video

featuring THE FANATIX produced for the ATT COMPETITION



With Regrets

"With Regrets" by director Kevin Lee Miller is currently entering the festival circus.

“Guilt is the deadliest weapon.”
Convicted rapist Gary Lee Hunter, struggles with life after prison, plagued by guilt, an unnerving pregnant girlfriend, and a malevolent intruder who wants him dead.

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The Ferocious Pit
Runner up for the audience award at the Artivist Film Festival 2004 (Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, CA). This documentary is currently being expanded and polished. More detailed info at:

The Clipping Quest - Die Jagd nach dem Ausschnitt
Multimedia project and interactive CD Rom production about Media Monitoring
created for the Museum of Technology Vienna as part of their permanent exhibition medien.welten. Order the Clipping Quest here





A bright and talented piano student on the brink of a breakdown finds herself in the one place she never thought possible: with her family.
Forgiveness is a word and concept Lidia needs to understand before she can move on.


Lidia - World Premiere at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Beverly Hills.
May 2002

  Peace of Heart - world premiere at the "The Village at Ed Gould", Los Angeles
August 2002

Martina Zemlicka associate produced and script supervised Roman Wyden's Peace of Heart.
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